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Rev. Dennis A. Woodard, Sr. - Senior Pastor -



We thank God for our pastor of more than 41 years,
Rev. Dennis A. Woodard, Sr.






Pastor Dennis A. Woodard, Sr. has been pastor of Sylvannah Baptist Church since June, 1979. He is the longest serving pastor in the history of Sylvannah Baptist Church. He is also the longest currently serving pastor in Spotsylvania County and was honored as such by a resolution of the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors in 2009.

He has taught that “you can have fun in church!” and uses humor in his sermons. He also teaches that we are a family in Christ. 

Pastor Woodard has been married for more than 52 years to his college sweetheart, Susie Coleman Woodard, whom he affectionately calls, “Sweetie.” Pastor and Mrs. Woodard lost their youngest son, Darrell, to a drunk driver in 2007. But God has used that tragedy to bring them closer to Him, each other, their surviving son, Dennis, Jr., their daughter-in-law, Patrice, their five grandchildren, and to others who have lost a loved one.  

Rev. Woodard is a U.S. Navy veteran and a 1977 honor graduate of Virginia Union University, Richmond, Virginia. He also attended the School of Theology of Virginia Union. He is the son in the ministry of the New Saint Thomas Baptist Church of Portsmouth, Virginia. He began his ministry more than fifty years ago.

Pastor Woodard is a Gospel preacher and teacher. Pastor Woodard is also retired from the Virginia Department of Health and Sister Woodard is retired from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

No matter his accomplishment, all of the glory belongs to God the Father, to Jesus Christ our Lord, and to the Holy Spirit who seals all who trust in Jesus Christ, the Son.


Rev. Marshall H. Fields, Jr. - Assistant Pastor







Rev. Marshall H. Fields, Jr. has served as a deacon, chairman of the deacons ministry, Sunday School Teacher, and licensed and ordained preacher.  He now serves as Assistant Pastor, Sunday School Teacher and Coordinator of Outreach Ministry.  Rev. Fields is a Naval Academy graduate and is currently studying for his Master of Divinity from Liberty University. He is a veteran of both the US Navy and Marine Corps.



The Late Rev. James White, Sr. - Former Associate Pastor


Our Former Associate Pastor, Rev. James E. White, Sr.,
passed away on November 20, 2015.

We will never forget. We look forward to seeing you on the other side with the Lord.

 Rev. White served as Assistant Pastor of Sylvannah, Pastor of Branch Fork in  Spotsylvania and Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church in Colonial Beach and finally, Associate Pastor of Sylvannah Baptist Church.




Deacon George Frazier - Chair of Deacons

Trustee Will Graves - Chair of Trustees

Sister Rhonda Fortune - Church Clerk